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Florida Gulf Coast University

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FGCU Student Server

Uploading Content using Virtual Labs

  1. To log onto the Virtual Labs, navigate to and follow the How to Connect section mid-way down the page.
  2. Once you are at the desktop of the Virtual Lab PC, click Start, then type Run. Open the program labeled RUN
  3. Type the following URL into the field box: \\\student\YOURUSERNAME. Where "YOURUSERNAME" is your eagle e-mail id. Here for our example, Johnny Appleseed is our sample student and has entered the information in the box:

    If you receive an error - such as "Windows cannot access \\\student\YOURUSERNAME" - please try to resubmit your activation application once more.

  4. A window will appear. Copy and paste your files into the window.
  5. Verify your site loads by going to The default document is index.html for all webpages.
  6. Here for our example, Johnny Appleseed has successfully uploaded his first page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My website is showing up as "Page Cannot Be Displayed" or "404 Not Found": All websites must have an index.html file in the root directory of your folder for the website to display. Otherwise, you need to specify the specific file in the URL.
  • I uploaded an index.html file but still can't get the site to load: Make sure you are able to enable file name extensions on any computer you upload files from or else you may not be uploading the right type of files. For example, you may be uploading index.html.html instead of index.html. If this is the case, your URL would be You can remove the extra extension once you've enabled file extensions.
  • Additional tip: Make sure you are typing the full URL of your site and files or else the website will not load. You must be explicit in your requests. For example,
  • .
Further questions
  • If you are familiar with MACs, you may contact the on-campus MAC Labs for assistance on creating/uploading your site or visiting the lab directly at Reed Hall #250, located down the hall from the elevator (making a left, then a right).
  • Contact us (239-590-7100) if you are receiving errors copying your data or if you suspect your site has not been created properly.