Thursday - November 9, 2006

Wow, that was like a whole month with no comic. I feel good posting one, but I feel baaad for not keeping up like I planned to.

Ok, I gotta start things off by saying that I have not gamed in over a month and I feel it, much like a junkie might. The physical ramifications are apparent, and the mental ramifications are a parrot...I call him steve. Basically I havn't had an internet connection during this tansition period (I'm moving!) for the last month. More importantly, I havn't had time for a single player campaign of any kind. I mean, with the Intertron, at least I could have hopped on and played a few rounds of G.R.A.W. or Halo2 no strings attached, but screw trying to navigate a Splinter Cell story.

I'd be remiss to not mention the forums. Go there! Read! Post! Argue!

Grant mentioned this video on his site way back, and I wanted to link you guys it is:
Darth Vader

Other than that stuff, I'm sure we're all aware that the PS3 is coming next week, and (if you havn't read anything about it) at $600 for the system alone, I can definitly say I'll wait a while, which is easy to come to terms with since the odds of me getting one are slim at best. This is, short of me ripping it from the cold dead hand of someone who actually started waiting in line yeaterday! For those of you slow on the math...that's 9 days in advance.