*this FAQ is updated as questions come in, but feel free to email me if your question isn't covered here.

Q: So...what's all this now?
A: Joystick Ink is a webcomic following the exploits of Chow and Andy (and usually Nikki). They are housemates and old friends. It takes place in Anywhere, USA. As the comic continues more characters will be added and their universe will probably expand. The earlier episodes (if that's what you call parts of webcomics) are stand-alone jokes, but multi-episode stories will be my focus later on, with the occasional stand-alone, for when something strikes me as particularly funny.

Q: That was a long explanation. I spaced out.
A: That's not a question, and shame on you.

Q: Why don't you update regularly?
A: Well, the usual reasons apply here. School and work. However, I am almost done with the first. This, of course, means that I'll be increasing the latter. In any case, my updating is sporadic, but will become more regular once I'm done with the whole "learning" thing. Until then, I try for once a week, but often don't make it.

Q: That sucks. I deem you lazy.
A: Again, not a question. Pay attention to the rules. Also, you are probably right.

Q: Are the characters real people?
A: Kind of.

Chow and Andy are separate parts of my personality. Basically my asian-ness (I love making words up) and childishness are embodied in Chow, while my Americanized traits from growing up here, along with my logical and analytical nature, can be found in Andy.

Nikki is pretty much a comic version of my real-life favorite person, of the same name.

Stef is inspired by real-life Nikki's roommate. She's not a ninja or Japanese in real-life. The underwear then? Yep, she's stealthy at procuring unmentionables.

Ian is basically Ian, my long-time friend. I hope to include him more and more in the coming episodes. Lindsey, his wife, appears in #5. And yes, she did ask that question.

Cam is (currently) the only fully fictitious character in the comic.

Q: What's with the URL? That's a lot to type!
A: Ah, yes. Well you see, I'm using my university to host the comic, so the URL leads to my folder on their server. Sorry about that.

Q: Then are you planning on buying "joystickink.com" any time soon?
A: Yes. I have my eyes on it, and it's fairly cheap, I just want to wait until I can ensure at least a weekly update. Until then I suggest bookmarking the page, since "http://student.fgcu.edu/rachinqu/website" can be hard to remember.

Q: Why can't I go to the ________ page?
A: From time to time, I will update certain pages. If I am doing so, the link on the navigator menu in the left bar will go red and the link won't go anywhere. Don't wait around for it to change back though. See, I usually try to fix things late at night no one is gonna notice the page being down anyway, so if I go to the trouble of killing the link, it means I may take a day or two to fix it.

Q: Can you link me to your site?
A: Probably. Email me (my email is at the bottom of every page) with a link to your site and I will reply whether or not I am going to link you.