Monday - August 21, 2006

So, I'm not dead (yet) I've just been lazy with the comic and busy with other stuff all at once. My apologies for leaving you guys hanging like that.

First off, I gotta comment that Ian, Rob, and myself had a great time hanging at his place about a month, and I hope he had a happy birthday. We totally got Rob hooked on Naruto. A nerdier 3 you'll never find...

Speaking of, I just got back from a few weeks ago I went to AFO (Anime Festival Orlando) with Krissy. We had a blast, although I have to say that JCON was more fun for my money. AFO was small, but the vendors were nice and I got some really cool Prints and Sketches, which I will share next time (maybe even a photo or two) So thanks to the AFO people for putting on a nice Con.


Monday - June 4, 2006

So....You ever do something dumb? Like really, really dumb? How about doing something idiotic right on the heels of something impresive? If you're thinking on the scale of falling off the stage at graduation, or maybe throwing away an exam answer sheet and turning in your scrap paper, then you get the idea.

I had a comic ready for today. I mean READY! DONE! FINISHED! But then...well...I realized that the sketch that I had so lovingly crafted into comic goodness was...the wrong one. Lordy I'm dumb. I got into this comic-autopilot mode and ended up doing the one for next week.

Anywho, if you were looking forward to part 2 of Stef's story, you'll have to wait a couple of days. I'll have it up ASAP, I promise.


Wednesday - May 31, 2006

Sorry guys, I'm taking this week off for personal reasons. I just don't feel up to anything comicy. I may be burned out or something.

Regardless, anything I produce is just going to suck right now, and I'd rather delay the comic for a week before putting a half-assed thing on the web.


Monday - May 22, 2006


I thought I could get the comic done over the weekend and have you guys a weekly update and all, but I lost a few hours over at the office on sunday. I know, I know "office on sunday". The term sends shivers down my spine too. That's not gonna be normal though, I just had to get some stuff done.

Anywho, I should have somthing up by the end of tonight tuesday night, so check in tonight if you stay up late, or tomorrow if you don't. Sorry again.


Saturday - May 12, 2006

Exciting news this week. I'm lined up for a full time position over at the FGCU's broadcast building. I'm working over there as a producer and an audio engineer right now, and it looks like I'm the top candidate to replace the full-timer that left this week. This is big guys, it means I can count on a $30K+ paycheck and no more work weekends, which translates out to a steady (or steadier) comic update. So I'm officially moving to a weekend update for the comic. That's right, I said comic every week...ready? GO!

::Sigh:: Another E3 come and gone and me not in attendance. Next year Ian and I will have to remember our grappling hooks and night vision...

Last but not least, it's Mother's Day this weekend, TELL YOUR MOM YOU LOVE HER!!


Saturday - May 6, 2006

So I finally returned to the plot. Yay for continuity.

JAcon 2006 Report:

JAcon was a blast this year guys! I have to admit that at first Ian and I felt pretty much out of our element. I mean, we are pretty hardcore anime fans, but the people we saw running around this place...well let's just say that we looked pretty damned normal in that crowd, which is really something if you know us.

There were plenty of cosplay kids running around, and we genuinly enjoyed seeing some of the costumes. Moreover, some of the people were actually pretty cool, or at least as cool as one can be wearing spiky wigs and huge foam swords.

They also had 4 rooms with big screen TV's playing anime movies all day, along with a handfull of huge projector-screen rooms with movie screenings and artist demonstrations.

There were so many Naruto Fans running around, I felt like everywhere I turned there was another one of those headbands in my face, or some girl telling everyone how cute Sasuke is. Anywho, I know you're all just waiting to see the pictures, so here they are:

Hmmm...a ninja playing guitar hero...that's a sure sign you're at an anime convention. By the way, he was REALLY GOOD at it.

This young lady said Sakaki, but her stockings (you can't see them this picture)led me to think Yomi. Oh well, either way she and her friends get huge points for coming as Azumanga characters.

This girl was dressed as Inuyasha. Not too many people running aroung in Inuyasha gear, suprisingly enough, although the ones we saw were pretty good. We got a picture of her eyes open, but the flash on the camera was being wonky.

I don't know what the heck this is, but I needed a picture of it.

Ah the great Saiyaman. This was a really good replica guys, and since Ian and I were in line behind this chick for some time, we got to chattin' and found out she was really cool.

So a game of dodgeball started for some reason, and I thought to take pictures...

...Then I realized that anime people are the worst people to build a dodge ball team with. I mean, look at them ^_^

This girl is, I can only assume, Yuna from Final Fantasy X. However, I like this picture because of the guy in the back with the "will Yaoi for Money/Pics" sign.

Mai from King of Fighters. hugging me. A lot.

Look! It's the tiniest InuYasha ever! He's

I bought this color reprint of the first Inuyasha manga for a gift to someone who will really love it (I think you know who you are).

also, I managed to snag this off a vendor's rack before someone else could buy it

And finally, there were some artist tables where I got a chibi version of Ian and me done. We're adorable!

All in all we had a great time, and I'm even working on a wallpaper to commemorate it! Til then, enjoy the comic! See you next week!


Friday - April 27, 2006

Well, no storyline comic this week either, I have to get off my butt and do some
serious script writing first. It’s not so much that I don’t have the progression in my head,
I just have to get down on paper how I’m gonna present it. In the meantime, enjoy the
filler cosplay stuff.

Speaking of cosplay, Ian and I are heading to JACon this week, so there should be some pictures up next week.

Oh by the way…

SCHOOL is OUT!!! I cannot explain how relaxing it is to have nothing to worry about
when I go home except for my own stuff! Let the good times roll….until fall.


Monday - April 17, 2006

Happy (Belated) Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great
weekend. Now click the Nikki Bunny!!!

So I prettied up the site again. You like? I think it looks a lot less amature. "Joystick Ink, now with 100% less scrolling!"

Sorry about the lateness on the easter wishes, school has me in a strangle hold. The kind of strangle hold that a ninja would use. A big ninja...big radioactive ninja...yeah... Anywho, in two weeks I'll be far less stressed and maybe I'll even be sleeping more than 3 hours a night. I here that's what you people do.


Saturday - April 8, 2006

New comic up.

I think I'm gonna go to JACon this year. Ian
and I are really excited. Maybe I should go ahead
and make up a costume for it? Just kidding...maybe.
Cosplay or no, I'll try and take some pictures and
Have them up upon my return.

The guys over at Penny Arcade beat me to it with
their podcasts. Those things are hilarious, and
if you haven't yet, go on over and find the download
links in the news posts and listen to them.


Thursday - March 23, 2006

Wow, a whole month waiting for this one, I hope it was worth it.

Sorry for the hiatus there. Things got crazy everywhere in my life all at once,
and they really haven't settled down. Things are bad. But that has nothing
to do with the comic or getting it done, so I apologize. Hope you enjoy it!

The demo for Blazing Angels came out today. You can guess where
I'll be tonight.....Because I am a huge dork.

Some new stuff on the Devaint Art too, you should check it out. Or don't. Whatever.

Ug...I'm trying real hard to not talk about things sucking, but they do, so
I'd better go.


Wednesday - February 15, 2006

Ok, so it may not be a real update, but it's something cute to
look at right? Thanks for being patient guys!

Oh, and I noticed that the archive menu in was sending 27-30 to
comic #28 or something like that. It works just fine now.


Tuesday - February 14, 2006

Oh's this kinda stuff that would lead me to believe
that there is some webcomic god out there and his primary
concern is to keep me from regularly updating:

My friend Tarzan (yes that's his real name) hung out a bunch
this weekend, and at one point the laptop bag was stashed
away in his car. I have my laptop, but the bag, containing
the sketch for the next issue...still in the car.


Guess I'll work on some of my much-neglected art projects.


Friday - February 10, 2006

Just a little update for you guys:

I probably won't have the comic up on Saturday (tomorrow) because I
go to a hippie school and I have to go on a field trip that involves
trees and, more than likely, the hugging of said plantlife. Now, I
like nature. I mean, I was all over Captain Planet when I was little,
but when classes about ecology require me to have to call off going
to work, reform is in order.

Anyway, I'm getting off subject. Check back sunday (night?) and the
next comic should be up by then.

Go Planet!!


Saturday - February 4, 2006

Well, I stayed (mostly) on schedule this week, and got #30 out. Horray
for ninjas!

I'm glad to say that my experiance is beginning to show in my work to
me (finally). I'm messing around with layouts and angles and whatnot.
It's definitly good to feel more comfortable with a wider array of comic

Also, I seem to be ripping off every anime gimmick ever, so the slashy-
sillouette was bound to happen sooner or later. Coming soon:


*edit* If you don't get the title of #30

Sunday - January 29, 2006

You people and your demands. Fine, here's #29. I'm am truly sorry
that it took a whole month to do this. School and work and other art
projects were in the way. I will be moving this along faster in the
future...I hope.


Wednesday - January 25, 2006

I know, I know, the comic has not come yet. I swear I'm not being lazy, I
have been filling out my art on my DeviantArt page. While that has kept
me working, it's not really an excuse.

So, in an attempt to keep you guys informed on my progress on these things
so that you can make well educated complaints at my lack of production, I added
a progress tab on the left under the links. I totally ripped off


Thursday - January 12, 2006

What's this? a new format for the site? That's right peoples, I
got tired of the way the pages looked, all non-matching and stuff.
Now it's blue and sexy. All together now: "Ooooooooooo....Ahhhhh"

Also, this is a feeble attempt to distract you from the fact that I
still havn't finished comic #29.


Wednesday - December 28, 2005

Enter the Ian. OMG the suspense!

I'm feeling extremely MEH. The Richard is lonely.

Sunday - December 25, 2005



Tuesday - December 13, 2005

Wow, almost a month to the day since the last update. I am soooo lazy!

Actually, I have been working like a dog all month. And not in the "here's money for your painful efforts" kind of way. I mean school. Or as I refer to it, the place where your torturers wear glasses and tweed jackets. I'm so glad I'll be done next semester ::Crosses fingers::

So anyway, the new comic is up. Thus ends the "plan B" story arc. My first shot at a little bit of continuity. I'm sure you were all on the edge of your seats. I should load some cheesy soap opera music in the background.

I've been listening to this Japanese girl rock band "GO!GO!7188" thanks to my friend Tarzan (yes, that's his real name). They are very cool, you should check them out once in a while.


Monday - November 14, 2005

New frontpage is up and running. I hope everyone likes it so far. I'll be tweaking it as well as converting the other pages over in the coming days. I know it's in "poor internet taste" to partially convert one's site, but I couldn't wait to get this version up.

So, I got very little done in the last two weeks and am even more uncertain of being able to put up any new stuff in the next week or so. The bottom line is I'm not motivated to do anything. The Richard is very unhappy with life right now.

On a happier note:

My friends from work are really cool. They knew I couldn't waste money on a World of Warcraft game, but they really wanted to play online with me, so they each put in like $5 and bought it and suprised me at the last LAN party. If anyone out is dorky enough to roll with me, I'm a level 20 Human Warlock on the Shadow Council Server. Man, just saying that out loud makes me feel like a nerd. Anyway, that's my main character and his tag is HISOKARO.

On a more productive note...notes:

First, I havn't produced comics in a while, I have been drawing a lot, so go to my Deviant Art Gallery and check it out.

Also, Nikki is up for a job at the apartment complex where she lives. Asst. Manager. Fingers crossed and Huzzah's at the ready.


Sunday - October 30, 2005

Wow. Hurricanes suck. I was unable to do anything this last week, but my foresight pays off once again! Not exactly a new "comic" but definitely something new for Halloween.

You guys should seriously check out my Deviant Art page. It has various drawings and such. Right now I'm working on a set of characters from the World of Warcraft game.


Wednesday - October 12, 2005

New Comic and a new look for the gang. Hope everyone likes it, cause I do. I know it's a bit on the anime side, but what can I say? The art style is a compilation of the various other comics and shows I see. In any case, there's no use fighting it.

I am woefully underfunded for an XBOX 360. I have the money, but I also have more important things that need it than gaming (I hope Ian didn't hear that). In any case, I may wait the for the (I hope) inevitable price drop that will accompany HALO 3 around next spring.

Those of you that read Penny Arcade, Tycho's kid is fine and according to Gabe "The baby is still in there [*there being Tycho's wife Brenna] cooking and doing baby stuff."


Wednesday - October 5, 2005

Just added 2 new wallpapers, planning on another. But for now, the 2 will have to do. I hope everyone enjoys.


Sunday - October 2, 2005

Wow. Sorry it's been a long time in between the comics. I am working on getting to the point where I can put one out every week.I have been sweating some serious bullets over school. There are just far too many projects going on simultaneously. Still, I had a chance to get some ideas on paper, and added, so I hope you enjoy!

If you game at all, or are interested in gaming news, I highly reccomend This site is chock(sp?) full of good news and links to videos and such. I'll have to add a link to there on the LINKS page later. Been meaning to rework that...

This is just a darn cute comic. Warning, some of the comics here are a bit on the offensive side (for instance a story arc known as the "Pancake Mother F******" arc). But most are inoffensive, and exceptionally funny.


Tuesday - September 13, 2005

Well, got something really cool to announce this time! Look up. What do you see? STORE! That's right, the official Joystick Ink store is up and running. There's some really cool merch there so you should at least go and look, even if you're low on fundage. Read my clever descriptions at the least. Oh yes, they're quite clever.

There'll be more comics coming soon, I promise. I just don't have access to a scanner here anymore, so I have to use the one on campus. Anyway, I have a bunch of sketches on the board, just have to get em prettied up for you guys.


Saturday - September 10, 2005

Couple o' changes today. Did away with the "About" page, cause I figure anyone who comes to the site will be able to figure it out without being led around by the hand. If you get nostalgic, however, you can always substitute the name of any page on the site with "about.htm" (ie: instead of "links.htm" or "cast.htm")

Added a "Misc" page. Got a cool new wallpaper up there. Check it out. More to come soon.


Tuesday - September 6, 2005

Well, I have to apologize for the lack of comic, but school has kept me rather busy. I am rather proud of #20 though, since I made it in basically 2 days. Of course, that means I could have a way better turn-around time if I wanted...


Anywho, I can't promise these with any regularity, since school is getting into full swing, but wither way, I'll get SOMETHING to you guys. Thanks for staying faithful.


Sunday - August 14, 2005

So I may have to get ahold of War of Warcraft. Everyone else is doing it. I just don't want it to consume me like a crack habit. If anyone likes to play and wants to meet up, lemme know, I still haven't decided on which server to hop on.

Speaking of servers, I have been pulling my hair out trying to set up my own server for the site when I buy it. If I can get it done, I'll save about $10 a month, but the computer I'm using is...well...broken. Anywho, I've been in "square peg in round hole" mode with the dumb thing, and I'm about to use my '96 IBM machine and be done with it [shudder].


Thursday - July 28, 2005

I'm really enjoying the new background stuff in the comics, think I'll keep it up where applicable. I have some good stuff on the drawing boards, and hopefully I'll be updating on a more regular schedule. Speaking of the "S" word, if I ever set one, I'll let you guys know when. Until then, updated...uh...somedays.

Thursday - July 21, 2005

New Comic up

Saturday - July 16, 2005

So school is out and that means I only have to go to work, leaving me plenty of time for the comic.

I'm really annoyed that I can't go to ComicCon. There would be so much cool stuff to see there, but funds are low, and I'm still saving up to buy

Saturday - July 2, 2005

Ok, I know, I've been sluffing off with the comics. Basically being in OK
brought me to a halt creativly. I have been working on some big stuff for
the comic, but haven't had time to draw anything. So to keep you guys from
killing me I'll add a new comic from a series I was doing for some friends.
These basically explore how the games we grew up on seem ludicrous upon
re-inspection. Confused? Just check out the new comic.

Wednesday - June 15, 2005

Well, I'm back from Oklahoma! I had a great time and can't wait to show you
guys some of the stuff I've been toying with. Can you say "TEASER?

Thursday - June 2, 2005

Comic #13, "A Light Snack", is done and posted. Enjoy!

4 New Links in the "Comics" Section of the Link page. This is some pretty
funny stuff guys. Give 'em a look!

Wednesday - June 1, 2005

Another old comic relined and ready for your enjoyment.
"Virtually Reality" is now #4 in the archive.

A big thanks goes out to my man Grant Bivens for linking me on his site. If
you haven't been out to, go to the links page and check it out. He's got some cool stuff there.

Also, the rest of the archive page has been shuffled about. No big changes, just the order.

Monday - May 30, 2005

Well I was finally able to re-line a some of the older comics. Check 'em out
on the archive page. Comics 1-3. Happy Memorial Day.

Saturday - May 28, 2005

Added a Cast page to the comic. As I add more characters into the insanity
of my world, I'll be sure to update it.